Are CT scans safe? Is it true that CT scans may increase my risk of cancer?

Answer From Cynthia H. McCollough, Ph.D.

Medical imaging exams — including computerized tomography (CT) scans — have been directly linked to greater life expectancy and declining cancer death rates. Medical imaging exams are also generally less expensive and safer than invasive procedures, such as exploratory surgery.

Like other X-ray imaging exams, CT scans expose you briefly to a small, targeted amount of ionizing radiation, which helps create an image of structures inside your body. CT scans provide more-detailed images of more types of tissue than traditional X-rays do, which allows your doctor to detect and locate many medical conditions.

CT scans have various purposes. They include helping to diagnose a condition, guiding medical procedures, such as needle biopsies, and monitoring the effectiveness of certain treatments, such as cancer treatments.

At the low doses of radiation a CT scan uses, your risk of developing cancer from it is so small that it can't be reliably measured. Because of the possibility of an increased risk, however, the American College of Radiology advises that no imaging exam be done unless there is a clear medical benefit.

Doctors are encouraged to use the minimal radiation necessary when performing imaging exams. If your doctor recommends a CT scan, ask about the potential benefits to your health, which generally greatly outweigh any small potential risk from radiation.


Cynthia H. McCollough, Ph.D.

March 06, 2018 See more Expert Answers

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  574. Infographic: The blueprints to your heart
  575. The Long Race Beating Cancer
  576. Thoracic aortic aneurysm
  577. Conventional treatment for osteoporosis
  578. How osteoporosis is diagnosed
  579. How to keep your bones strong
  580. Osteoporosis and nutrition: 5 key steps
  581. Osteoporosis — What are your risks?
  582. Throat cancer
  583. Thrombophlebitis
  584. Thumb arthritis
  585. Thumb Reconstruction
  586. Thunderclap headaches
  587. Tinnitus
  588. Tinnitus and antidepressants
  589. Tips for easing stress when you have Crohn's disease
  590. TMJ disorders
  591. Tooth abscess
  592. Toxic hepatitis
  593. Transient global amnesia
  594. Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
  595. Infographic: Transplant for Polycystic Kidney Disease
  596. Traumatic brain injury
  597. Trouble breathing
  598. Tuberous sclerosis
  599. Tumor vs. cyst: What's the difference?
  600. Typing with Brain Waves
  601. Ulcerative colitis
  602. Ulcerative colitis flare-ups: 5 tips to manage them
  603. Uterine fibroids
  604. Vaginal cancer
  605. Vascular dementia
  606. Vasculitis
  607. Vasectomy: Does it increase my risk of prostate cancer?
  608. Ventricular fibrillation
  609. Vertebral tumor
  610. Video: Alzheimer's drug shows early promise
  611. Ankle sprain
  612. Video: Heart and circulatory system
  613. How cancer spreads
  614. How irritable bowel syndrome affects you
  615. Dry powder disk inhaler
  616. Dry powder tube inhaler
  617. Peak flow video
  618. Single-dose dry powder inhaler
  619. Migraine aura
  620. PICC line placement
  621. Using a metered dose asthma inhaler and spacer
  622. Video-kidney cancer patient-tattoo
  623. Vitamin B-12 and Alzheimer's
  624. Vitamin D: Can it prevent Alzheimer's & dementia?
  625. Vocal cord dysfunction
  626. Vocal cord paralysis
  627. Vulvar cancer
  628. Warfarin diet
  629. Warfarin side effects
  630. Watch an interview with Fernando C Fervenza MD PhD
  631. Water exercise
  632. Weight Loss After Breast Cancer
  633. Heart failure action plan
  634. When cancer returns: How to cope with cancer recurrence
  635. Whiplash
  636. Wilms' tumor
  637. Wilson's disease
  638. Infographic: Women and Heart Disease
  639. Wrist pain
  640. Your secret weapon during cancer treatment? Exercise!
  641. Fecal transplant treatment of C. difficile at Mayo Clinic
  642. Mayo Clinic study reporting increased incidence of C. difficile infection
  643. Kidney Cancer — Bradley Leibovich, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  644. Lewy Body Dementia: Autopsy
  645. Lewy Body Dementia: Background
  646. Lewy Body Dementia: Pathology Treatment
  647. Lewy Body Dementia: Research
  648. Lewy Body Dementia: Support
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