Mayo Clinic is a non-profit worldwide leader in medical care for everyone who needs healing. Patients traveling internationally are provided timely diagnostic and specialty care in a place designed to feel a little more like home. Here, patients have access to all medical and surgical sub-specialties within a single institution, empowering the medical team to address all the patient's health needs and treat the whole person. Here, patients are cared for with a breadth of expertise and technology that reflects why Mayo Clinic is the trusted leader in healthcare worldwide.

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Mayo Clinic Locations

Thousands of patients from around the world travel to Mayo Clinic locations in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota each year for medical care. Mayo's International Patient Offices help ensure that distance and language are not obstacles to receiving world-class care.

Translated Information

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Arabic and Mandarin language assistance

Arabic-speaking representatives are available 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. UTC + 4, Sunday through Thursday.

  • +971 800 0320877 (toll-free)

Mandarin-speaking representatives are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT + 8, Monday through Friday.

  • Phone: +86 (10) 53875768
  • Phone: +86 4008427533 (toll-free)

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Explore your treatment options in international medicine at Mayo Clinic.

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Learn more about becoming a patient at Mayo Clinic.

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Get information to guide your decisions about visiting Mayo Clinic.

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