1. CA 125 test
  2. CABG, also known asCoronary artery bypass surgery)
  3. Calendar method for natural family planning, also known asRhythm method for natural family planning)
  4. Canalith repositioning procedure
  5. Cancer rehabilitation
  6. Cancer treatment
  7. Capsule endoscopy
  8. Capsule enteroscopy, also known asCapsule endoscopy)
  9. Cardiac ablation
  10. Cardiac calcium scoring CT, also known asCoronary calcium scan)
  11. Cardiac catheterization
  12. Cardiac rehabilitation
  13. Cardiac resynchronization therapy
  14. Cardioversion
  15. Carotid angioplasty and stenting
  16. Carotid endarterectomy
  17. Carotid ultrasound
  18. CAT scan, also known asCT scan)
  19. Cataract surgery
  20. Catheter ablation, also known asCardiac ablation)
  21. CBC, also known asComplete blood count (CBC))
  22. CBT, also known asCognitive behavioral therapy)
  23. Cervical spine surgery, child, also known asPediatric cervical spine surgery)
  24. Cervicoplasty, also known asNeck lift)
  25. Cesarean section, also known asC-section)
  26. Chemical peel
  27. Chemotherapy
  28. Chemotherapy for breast cancer
  29. Chest X-rays
  30. Chiropractic adjustment
  31. Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
  32. Cholescintigraphy, also known asHIDA scan)
  33. Cholesterol test
  34. Choline C-11 PET scan
  35. Circumcision (male)
  36. Cochlear implants
  37. Cognitive behavioral therapy
  38. Colectomy
  39. Cologuard test, also known asStool DNA test)
  40. Colonoscopy
  41. Colposcopy
  42. Combination birth control pills
  43. Complementary and alternative medicine, also known asIntegrative medicine)
  44. Complete blood count (CBC)
  45. Complete cholesterol test, also known asCholesterol test)
  46. Computer-assisted brain surgery
  47. Computerized tomography, also known asCT scan)
  48. Computerized tomography (CT) urogram
  49. Computerized tomography coronary angiogram, also known asCT coronary angiogram)
  50. Computerized tomography urogram, also known asComputerized tomography (CT) urogram)
  51. Concussion testing and screening tools
  52. Contraceptive implant
  53. Convalescent plasma therapy
  54. Copper intrauterine device method, also known asCopper IUD (ParaGard))
  55. Copper IUD (ParaGard)
  56. Cornea transplant
  57. Coronary angiogram
  58. Coronary angioplasty and stents
  59. Coronary artery bypass graft, also known asCoronary artery bypass surgery)
  60. Coronary artery bypass surgery
  61. Coronary calcium scan
  62. Coronary CT angiogram, also known asCT coronary angiogram)
  63. Coronavirus disease 2019 antibody testing, also known asCOVID-19 antibody testing)
  64. Coronavirus disease 2019 diagnostic testing, also known asCOVID-19 tests)
  65. Cortisone shots
  66. Cosmetic ear surgery, also known asOtoplasty)
  67. Cosmetic surgery
  68. COVID-19 antibody testing
  69. COVID-19 serology testing, also known asCOVID-19 antibody testing)
  70. COVID-19 tests
  71. C-reactive protein test
  72. Creatinine test
  73. CRP test, also known asC-reactive protein test)
  74. Cryoablation for cancer
  75. Cryotherapy for cancer, also known asCryoablation for cancer)
  76. Cryotherapy for prostate cancer
  77. C-section
  78. CT coronary angiogram
  79. CT scan
  80. Cystectomy, also known asBladder removal surgery (cystectomy))
  81. Cystoscopy
  82. Cystourethroscopy, also known asCystoscopy)
  83. Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) genotyping test, also known asCytochrome P450 tests)
  84. Cytochrome P450 tests
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