1. Hair removal, laser (See: Laser hair removal)
  2. Hand transplant
  3. HbA1c test (See: A1C test)
  4. Heart catheterization (See: Cardiac catheterization)
  5. Heart pump (See: Ventricular assist device)
  6. Heart scan (coronary calcium scan)
  7. Heart transplant
  8. Heart valve surgery
  9. Hematocrit test
  10. Hemoccult test (See: Fecal occult blood test)
  11. Hemodialysis
  12. Hemoglobin A1C test (See: A1C test)
  13. Hemoglobin test
  14. Hepatobiliary scan (See: HIDA scan)
  15. HIDA scan
  16. Hip replacement
  17. HIV testing
  18. Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (See: Holmium laser prostate surgery)
  19. Holmium laser prostate surgery
  20. Holter monitor
  21. Home enteral nutrition
  22. Home parenteral nutrition program (See: Total parenteral nutrition)
  23. Home tube feeding (See: Home enteral nutrition)
  24. Hormonal intrauterine device method (See: Mirena (hormonal IUD))
  25. Hormone therapy for breast cancer
  26. Hormone therapy for prostate cancer
  27. HPV test
  28. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  29. Hypnosis
  30. Hysterectomy, abdominal (See: Abdominal hysterectomy)
  31. Hysterectomy, vaginal (See: Vaginal hysterectomy)
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