1. Hair removal, laser (See: Laser hair removal)
  2. Hand transplant
  3. HbA1c test (See: A1C test)
  4. Heart catheterization (See: Cardiac catheterization)
  5. Heart pump (See: Ventricular assist device)
  6. Heart scan (coronary calcium scan)
  7. Heart transplant
  8. Heart valve surgery
  9. Hematocrit test
  10. Hemoccult test (See: Fecal occult blood test)
  11. Hemodialysis
  12. Hemoglobin A1C test (See: A1C test)
  13. Hemoglobin test
  14. Hepatobiliary scan (See: HIDA scan)
  15. HIDA scan
  16. Hip replacement
  17. HIV testing
  18. Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (See: Holmium laser prostate surgery)
  19. Holmium laser prostate surgery
  20. Holter monitor
  21. Home enteral nutrition
  22. Home parenteral nutrition program (See: Total parenteral nutrition)
  23. Home tube feeding (See: Home enteral nutrition)
  24. Hormonal intrauterine device method (See: Hormonal IUD (Mirena))
  25. Hormonal IUD (Mirena)
  26. Hormone therapy for breast cancer
  27. Hormone therapy for prostate cancer
  28. HPV test
  29. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  30. Hypnosis
  31. Hysterectomy, abdominal (See: Abdominal hysterectomy)
  32. Hysterectomy, vaginal (See: Vaginal hysterectomy)
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