Dermatologists at Mayo Clinic provide care for diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails.

They care for common skin problems, including acne, blemishes, keratoses, moles, rosacea and sun-damaged skin. (See cosmetic surgery.)

They also specialize in treating a wide range of complex disorders including:

Laboratory Dermatology

Dermatopathology Laboratory
Pathologic interpretations of skin specimens.

Immunodermatology Laboratory
Immunohistologic staining for evaluation of immunologically-mediated diseases of the skin or mucous membranes.

Phototherapy at Mayo Clinic Rochester

The phototherapy unit offers a wide range of ultraviolet light treatments and testing. Ultraviolet B, both narrow band and broad band, is widely used in treating psoriasis and other disorders. PUVA (psoralen + UVA) is available for both whole body and local (hand and foot) treatments. PUVA is used in treating psoriasis, cutaneous T cell lymphoma, vitiligo, graft vs host disease and many other disorders. Light testing is also performed to help in the diagnosis of sun sensitivity.

Inpatient Dermatology at Mayo Clinic Rochester

The department offers one of the nation's few comprehensive inpatient treatment programs for managing complex dermatologic problems.