Information and Wayfinding

Mayo Clinic volunteer at information desk

This role directly affects the patient and visitor experience at the Mayo Clinic. The volunteers' interaction and service enhances the overall patient experience.

Admissions and Desk C

Greet patients, answer questions, provide basic information and help with directions. Provide friendly conversation to help patients feel less apprehensive.

Elevator assistance

Greet patients and visitors, answer questions, give information, and provide directions in the subways and lobbies of Mayo Clinic patient care facilities. Help patients who are physically challenged or otherwise need assistance to access lobby-level elevators.

Greeter assistance

Provide directions and assistance to patients and visitors walking in the hallways of the Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester campuses. This involves approaching those who may be lost or need extra help finding their destination.

Welcome desks

Provide information, room numbers, and directions to help patients and visitors reach their destination. Welcome desks are located throughout Mayo Clinic and its hospital campuses.

Mayo Clinic volunteer at information desk