Volunteers at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, serve patients and visitors with a personal touch.

Your work as a Mayo Clinic volunteer helps patients feel more comfortable, assists Mayo staff members in carrying out their patient care mission, and becomes a source of pride and enjoyment.

Like everyone at Mayo Clinic, we have a primary concern for patients' well-being, comfort and security.

Volunteers contribute to Mayo's mission in numerous ways. Volunteers reassure anxious visitors, support a caring but busy professional staff, and help ensure the individual attention that Mayo patients have come to expect.

Volunteer facts

Our volunteers have a variety of occupations and backgrounds and come from around the world. Approximately 60 percent are women and 40 percent are men. Some interesting facts about Mayo volunteers:

  • Our volunteers range in age from 15 to 96 years.
  • Some of our volunteers are college students.
  • 48 volunteers are husband-and-wife teams.
  • The No. 1 reason why volunteers give their time and effort is gratitude for services received at Mayo Clinic.
  • Each year, our volunteers contribute more than 70,000 hours to Mayo Clinic.

How can I get involved?

For more details about volunteering at Mayo Clinic, see: