Libraries and Education Centers

Mayo Clinic volunteer in library

Visitors to Mayo Clinic often need access to medical information. A medical reference library helps to satisfy this need, and volunteers play a role in its operation.

Cancer Education Center

Answer questions and provide information about the disease and its treatments from the wealth of information available. Serve refreshments, assemble reading material and provide conversation.

Rubin Patient Center

Help patients and visitors keep in touch with family and business via email and online.

Patient Education Center

Greet visitors, sort and stock pamphlets, assemble information packets, mail out material, and catalog information.

Patient libraries

Assist patients and family members with reference questions, material selection and computer use. Check materials and take orders for materials delivered to patient rooms. Also, you may take the library cart to patient rooms, providing patients with a personal selection of reading material.

Patient and visitor reading materials

Sort, label and deliver magazines to various Mayo patient waiting rooms. Restock patient and employee racks with Mayo Clinic publications.