Patient Treatment Areas

Mayo Clinic volunteer taking notes

There are many areas where volunteers have a great impact on the patient experience at Mayo Clinic. During treatment, patients often appreciate encouragement and conversation. Volunteers in the patient treatment areas make those times less stressful, benefiting patients and families.


Support patients receiving chemotherapy by offering refreshments, reading material and conversation.

Infusion therapy

Visit patients, offer refreshments and provide reading material to outpatients receiving medications and blood products, or undergoing numerous other procedures.

Outpatient dialysis

Engage and interact with patients receiving dialysis treatment in an outpatient setting at Mayo Family Clinic Northeast. Provide a distraction from treatment with conversation and activities such as reading aloud, board games and crossword puzzles.

Perianesthesia support

Escort patients awakening from anesthesia from the admitting care area to the appropriate control desk, from one control desk to another for physician or nurse communicator visits, provide directions around the campus, and offer additional information as necessary. Help prepare patient care material.

Proton beam therapy

Provide support to patients and visitors in the waiting room area by offering refreshments, reading material and conversation.

Radiation therapy

Support patients and visitors receiving radiation therapy by offering refreshments, reading material and conversation.

Surgical messenger

Deliver messages and updates to families on the day of surgery. Guide family members and caregivers to the surgical floor for consultations with surgeons.