Patient and Visitor Services

Mayo Clinic volunteer with pediatric patient

A focus on the patient's entire experience is a foundation of Mayo Clinic. Many opportunities come while patients are waiting. A vital part of that mission is the partnership that volunteers have with the health care team in seeing that patients and family members are cared for at critical times in their lives.

Baldwin Building assistance

Assist patients waiting in the Baldwin Building by providing length of wait time, magazines and conversation to improve their experience.

Blood Donor Center assistance

Offer refreshments to people after blood donations and assist nursing staff.

Caring families

Provide respite for families with patients on the transplant, level II nursery and hematology/oncology units. This involves serving refreshments in the family lounge, enabling family members to support and visit with each other on a variety of topics, including being a care provider for an ill family member.

Emergency Department

Serve as a communications contact in the Emergency Department lobby, greeting family members and patients, responding to needs as they arise, and communicating with triage staff.


Sew, stitch or knit handmade practical comfort items for patients. These could be stuffed pillows and animals, as well as caps for newborns, people with cancer and children who are having surgery. Some of these projects may be done at home.

Mayo Clinic volunteer doing handicrafts

Hospitality services

Serve patients by providing snacks, beverages and linens, as well as library materials and other resources. Conversation and empathy enhances the patient experience.

Patient and visitor cafeterias

Assist guests who need help and those in wheelchairs through the serving line and to their tables. Carry trays to tables, wipe tables and call for an escort when guests are finished.

Patient and visitor support

Visit with patients and caregivers to inform them of amenities and services available during their stay. Assist surgical staff, nursing staff, surgical patients and patient caregivers. Duties also include hosting an afternoon coffee hour in the intensive care family unit.


Engage children either in the inpatient or outpatient setting and support a variety of pediatric activities directed by staff.

Picture cart

Visit each floor and offer patients an opportunity to select a framed print for their rooms.

Wheelchair roundup

Round up wheelchairs at various locations across the downtown campus and bring them back to proper storage areas.