Mayo Clinic volunteers serve patients and visitors with a personal touch.

Volunteers help patients feel more comfortable while assisting Mayo staff members.

Like everyone at Mayo Clinic, volunteers have a primary concern for patients' well-being, comfort and security.

Volunteers contribute to the Mayo Clinic mission in numerous ways. They reassure anxious visitors, support a caring but busy professional staff and help ensure the individual attention that Mayo patients have come to expect.

Volunteer facts

Mayo Clinic volunteers have a variety of occupations and backgrounds and come from around the world. Approximately 65 percent are women and 35 percent are men. Some interesting facts about Mayo volunteers:

  • Our volunteers range in age from 15 to 97 years.
  • Over 60 high school and college students give their time each summer.
  • 20 volunteers are husband-and-wife teams.
  • The No. 1 reason why volunteers give their time and effort is gratitude for services received at Mayo Clinic.
  • Each year, our volunteers contribute more than 60,000 hours to Mayo Clinic.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at Mayo Clinic's campus in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, support Mayo's staff members by:

  • Assisting with patient preparation
  • Provide wayfinding to patients
  • Providing clerical assistance
  • Supporting Mayo Clinic's day-to-day operations

Volunteers serve at both the Phoenix campus and the Scottsdale campus. Every effort is made to place each volunteer in a service area that best matches his or her particular skill set, interests and schedule. There may be limited opportunities for evening and weekend shifts available only on the Phoenix campus.

Volunteers are not engaged in direct patient care and are not permitted to participate in shadowing or observation of Mayo Clinic staff.

Volunteering at Mayo Clinic should not be viewed as a means of obtaining employment. If you are seeking employment, please visit Jobs at Mayo Clinic.

Read more about becoming a volunteer.