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  1. Walthall-Eric-ski-now2_cropped16x9-1024x575.jpg

    From 100-plus seizures a month to seizure-free

    Successful epilepsy treatment allowed Eric Walthall, left, to resume skiing, a pastime he and friend Craig Wanous had enjoyed previously. Advances in epilepsy diagnostics, treatment return man to quality of life For years, Eric Walthall of Woodville, Wisconsin, experienced more than 100 debilitating epileptic seizures a month. For more than 20 years, he couldn’t drive. He stopped attending many of his sons' activities because he feared a seizure would cause him to lose consciousness. He…

  2. Lisa-HockingFeatured.jpg

    "Given a shot" to beat an aggressive cancer

    Near the end of 2021, Lisa Hocking developed symptoms of head congestion, sinus pressure and headaches. After taking antibiotics for what was thought to be sinusitis didn't ease her symptoms, she underwent a CT. The CT revealed a mass that extended from her sinuses through the base of her skull adjacent to her brain.  With the revelation of this complex diagnosis, Lisa realized that she needed an advanced care center to guide her. After witnessing…

  3. WalkingAgainAfterSurgery_Prudy_featured.jpg

    Complex spine surgery helps Belinda Purdy walk again

    Belinda Purdy isn't the type of person who enjoys sitting on the sidelines. She and her family love to travel, swim, eat out and spend time outdoors. She's used to being on her feet all day and loves to walk 3 or 4 miles per day. But in spring 2020, Belinda felt like she was watching the world go by as she sat still. The problem was debilitating pain in her hip and low back.…

  4. Maria-Coffaro_Featured.jpg

    Living life to the fullest, pain-free

    "I’m Maria Coffaro, I’m 28, live in Colorado, and spend my time traveling, trying new restaurants, and doing anything and everything outdoors. At 27, I was diagnosed with #TrigeminalNeuralgia — a disease that primarily affects women over 50. In July 2019 I experienced a shocking pain in the right side of my face that continued off and on for about two months and then went away completely for 11 months. In June of 2020 the shocks came…

  5. Jeremy-featured.jpg

    New therapies, holistic modalities and hope help photographer see future

    Had it not been for the persistence of a co-worker, Jeremy Paterno might be living a different journey. It was the first Tuesday in 2020 when Jeremy Paterno, a photographer at Mayo Clinic in Florida, began noticing some small oddities. "That day, I had a couple flighty moments where my right hand was off, like when I got in the car, but I missed the ignition when trying to insert the key," says Jeremy, a…

  6. pat-druckenmiller_Featured.jpg

    Surgery to correct scoliosis helps Pat Druckenmiller move again

    Pat Druckenmiller is a person who likes to keep moving, whether that means playing clarinet in a community band, teaching students at a tribal college, relocating her family to the other side of the world or simply taking a walk each day. She and her husband, Doug, have lived a life full of adventure, including living in multiple states, traveling the world extensively and living in Taiwan. Throughout these adventures, movement has kept Pat fit…

April 01, 2023