Experiencias en Mayo Clinic y nuestros pacientes cuentan su historia

Los neurólogos y neurocirujanos de Mayo Clinic brindan atención integral especializada a cada paciente. Obtén más información sobre cómo Mayo Clinic puede brindar exactamente la atención que necesitas.

Nuestros pacientes nos dicen que la calidad de sus interacciones, nuestra atención a los detalles y la eficiencia de sus visitas significa experimentar la atención médica como nunca lo habían hecho. Conoce las historias de los pacientes satisfechos de Mayo Clinic.

  1. Lorie-Kirkman-and-family-1024x576.jpg

    'I'll be there for my daughters,' Florida woman's pledge while navigating cancer

    Lorie Kirkman with her husband and three daughters. Lorie Kirkman embraces a lifestyle of being on the move. The 38-year-old is a wife and mom to three young daughters who are active in their Northeast Florida community and have a passion for being outdoors. After working out at her gym one day, Lorie began to feel pain in her back and shoulder. When it became uncomfortable to sit or lay down, and she noticed exhaustion…

  2. livia-mayberry.jpg

    Unforeseen danger of a child's fall: Livia's remarkable recovery

    Livia Mayberry and her sister were playing basketball with their dad at a neighbor's house in August 2022 when then-4-year-old Livia took a hard fall and hit her head on the pavement. Her family wasn't too concerned because she seemed OK. She was talking, didn't lose consciousness and didn't have a bump. However, a short time later, she threw up. Quick medical attention Her parents decided to get her checked at the Emergency Department at Mayo…

  3. Knudson_Photo_2-16x9-1-1024x576.jpg

    Defying all odds and exploring a remarkable journey beyond diagnosis 

    Mike stands proudly upon the North Shore of Lake Superior. In August 2021, then-28-year-old Mike Knudson set out on what he thought would be an adventure-filled hiking vacation inside Glacier National Park in Montana. Little did he know at the time that this journey into nature would be the start of an unexpected life path. It all began innocuously enough just before Mike was scheduled to leave for his trip. One morning before work, he…

  4. Walthall-Eric-ski-now2_cropped16x9-1024x575.jpg

    From 100-plus seizures a month to seizure-free

    Successful epilepsy treatment allowed Eric Walthall, left, to resume skiing, a pastime he and friend Craig Wanous had enjoyed previously. Advances in epilepsy diagnostics, treatment return man to quality of life For years, Eric Walthall of Woodville, Wisconsin, experienced more than 100 debilitating epileptic seizures a month. For more than 20 years, he couldn’t drive. He stopped attending many of his sons' activities because he feared a seizure would cause him to lose consciousness. He…

  5. Lisa-HockingFeatured.jpg

    "Given a shot" to beat an aggressive cancer

    Near the end of 2021, Lisa Hocking developed symptoms of head congestion, sinus pressure and headaches. After taking antibiotics for what was thought to be sinusitis didn't ease her symptoms, she underwent a CT. The CT revealed a mass that extended from her sinuses through the base of her skull adjacent to her brain.  With the revelation of this complex diagnosis, Lisa realized that she needed an advanced care center to guide her. After witnessing…

  6. WalkingAgainAfterSurgery_Prudy_featured.jpg

    Complex spine surgery helps Belinda Purdy walk again

    Belinda Purdy isn't the type of person who enjoys sitting on the sidelines. She and her family love to travel, swim, eat out and spend time outdoors. She's used to being on her feet all day and loves to walk 3 or 4 miles per day. But in spring 2020, Belinda felt like she was watching the world go by as she sat still. The problem was debilitating pain in her hip and low back.…

April 01, 2023