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Mayo Clinic fosters an environment where scientific expertise is combined with surgical insights to create solutions for unmet needs. The unrelenting focus of our neurosurgery researchers results in more options for people with complex conditions of the brain and nervous system that might benefit from surgery. Examples of successes that improve people's lives include:

  • Enhancing spinal surgery with robot-assisted placement of spinal hardware
  • Translating neurostimulation research and innovations into patient care
  • Developing regenerative approaches to brain tumor care
  • Studying which approaches to glioblastoma have the best outcomes over time
  • Approaches to immunotherapy for a brain tumor called glioblastoma
  • Advancing our understanding of the complex condition arteriovenous malformation
  • Developing an epilepsy treatment model that focuses on whole-person care
  • Redefining stroke care by developing a balloon-guided catheter to extract clots
  • Developing new surgical techniques to remove brain tumors

Mayo Clinic has an extensive effort in neurosurgery research, spanning numerous centers, programs and labs across its campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Our surgeon-researchers and scientists collaborate with colleagues worldwide, contributing to advances in medicine that improve neurological care for people everywhere.

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April 01, 2023