Center for Congenital Heart Disease Overview

Mayo Clinic Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Pediatric heart specialists at Mayo Clinic Children's Center have extensive experience treating babies, children and teens with congenital heart disease. Learn more about Mayo Clinic's approach to care.

Children and adults with congenital heart disease need complex, multifaceted care for continued survival and quality of life. Mayo Clinic doctors have extensive experience in treating people with congenital heart disease. Mayo Clinic doctors have been treating all types of congenital heart defects in children and congenital heart disease in adults since the institution started and have been operating on people with complex congenital heart disease for more than 60 years. Doctors use the most modern technology and treatment options, including minimally invasive surgical and catheter-based therapies, to provide the best care possible for you or your child.

At the Center for Congenital Heart Disease, doctors trained in heart conditions and cardiac imaging (cardiologists), heart surgery (cardiac surgeons), anesthesia (anesthesiologists), imaging (radiologists), obstetrics and gynecology, and other areas work together to diagnosis and treat people with congenital heart disease. The staff treats adults with congenital heart disease at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Doctors trained in treating children with heart conditions (pediatric cardiologists) evaluate and treat children with congenital heart defects at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota.

Your health care team talks with you about your heart anatomy, your future health, and your risk of heart conditions. And depending on your condition and situation, they may also talk with you about exercise, employability, insurance and pregnancy.


Doctors actively research genetics and new treatments for congenital heart diseases. Learn more about research in the Cardiovascular Research Center.


You may be referred by your primary doctor, or you may make an appointment without a referral.

July 23, 2022