Elementary students

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Concerns about kids ages 5 to 11 — the usual years of elementary education — often focus on school issues. These include bullying, learning challenges and the spread of illnesses in classrooms.

Childhood bullying and school violence can have challenging, long-lasting effects on kids. If your child is being bullied, make a plan with your youngster to stop the mean behavior. If your child is bullying others, seek professional help.

Trouble with reading, writing, math or other skills also can be a cause for concern. If your child often has difficulty with schoolwork, you can get the child checked for a learning disorder. Treatments for these conditions can boost confidence and grades.

Good grades also depend on good health. Learn how vaccines, correct hygiene and other strategies can help lower your child's risk of getting sick from illnesses such as COVID-19. You can use the same tips to prevent spreading illness at home.

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Aug. 23, 2023