Our Vision

A global leader in cancer care, research and education, Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center is connecting with diverse patients everywhere for the prevention, screening and treatment of cancer. Mayo Clinic will deliver on our vision of revolutionizing cancer care here and around the world by enhancing our clinical practice, research and education activities while leveraging digital and platform tools and expanding our global reach.

Mayo Clinic's leadership is needed now more than ever. Though groundbreaking advancements over the last 30 years have significantly improved survival rates for patients with cancer around the world, many cancers still are not prevented, detected early or treated successfully. With more than 18 million cases of cancer diagnosed globally each year, our vision for cancer treatment and cures is aggressive because patients need solutions.

Our Strategy

The vision of Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center is expanding. Key components of the plan include:

  • Enriching clinical trials
  • Strengthening groups focused on disease-specific research
  • Developing novel therapeutics and advanced diagnostics
  • Leveraging innovation, digital and platform opportunities
  • Enhancing community outreach and engagement
  • Expanding our global presence

Our plan will be successful when we increase the speed at which innovations are adopted and Mayo Clinic is the leading destination for cancer care.

Mayo Clinic is uniquely qualified to execute this strategy because we have the expertise to elevate the clinical practice of oncology, having made important contributions for 50 years as a leading cancer center. We have tremendous depth and breadth in integrated resources, structure and multidisciplinary collaboration. We can think big and act boldly because Mayo Clinic leads from a position of strength.

A Call to Action

With benefactors as co-visionaries, Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center is offering new hope and answers to people around the globe. This is the impact we will have as we co-create new and better medicine in cancer.

We will lead innovative, first-in-human clinical trials built from a robust pipeline of discovery and translational research; next-generation novel therapeutics and advanced diagnostics; strategic applications of artificial intelligence and platform technology for virtual and in-person care delivery, clinical trial matching and tools that bolster cancer research activities; and the expansion of our cancer care to serve all of our communities through a global presence. Benefactors — like you — are imperative in our capability to deliver on this vision. Give today.