President's Strategic Initiative Fund

Our Vision

The President's Strategic Initiative Fund is a powerful tool for Mayo Clinic's president and CEO to respond quickly to the institution's greatest needs and highest priorities. Gifts to this fund give Mayo Clinic the flexibility and resources needed to fulfill our patient-focused mission and our vision for the future.

As the world changes, health care must change with it. By 2050, 17% of the world's population will be 65 or older, according to the World Health Organization. The challenges this will create for the health care system will be immense. At the same time, technology, data-driven knowledge and the demand for greater control over care have already started shaping the modern health care experience.

The President's Strategic Initiative Fund allows Mayo Clinic to respond quickly and flexibly, from our unique position of global leadership, to medicine's greatest needs and our highest priorities. The fund is distributed at the discretion of Mayo Clinic's President and CEO, Gianrico Farrugia, M.D.

Our vision for the future is that every interaction with Mayo Clinic — physical and virtual — will be seamless and markedly different than any other health care experience, guided by our values and patient-centered model of care. Through our groundbreaking research and our premier education, we will offer new hope and answers by developing, implementing and sharing our discoveries and cures with the world.

Our Strategy

Consistent with our patient-centered values, Mayo Clinic will move forward in three key areas:

  • Cure: Mayo Clinic will differentiate itself through the discovery, delivery and diffusion of the next generation of diagnoses, treatments and cures. This includes new medical therapies, surgeries and procedures, delivered through physical, digital and virtual methods.
  • Connect: Mayo Clinic will create digital care-delivery capabilities with a human touch. We will integrate our virtual and in-person care to create a system that is more accessible, scalable and sustainable, while focusing on patient needs. These capabilities will touch every aspect of our organization, transforming practice, research and education through new digital connectivity, and allowing us to create and act upon powerful new insights.
  • Transform: Mayo Clinic will transform health care through innovative new platforms, leveraging data and technology to redefine health care delivery. We will create a Mayo Clinic that unites global providers, producers and patients who are committed to a health care experience that is better, more affordable and more accessible — even in patients' own homes.

A Call to Action

Gifts to the President's Strategic Initiative Fund empower Mayo Clinic's President to respond to an evolving health care landscape, and to meet the needs of patients by delivering hope and healing where and when they need it. Instead of responding to change, Mayo Clinic will be the change. We will drive a revolution in medicine, led by our unique values, that will benefit patients around the world. Give today.