Clinical Trials

Our Vision

To create the new standard in health care, Mayo Clinic will advance our clinical trial initiatives within research. As a premier destination for clinical trials, Mayo Clinic currently has more than 3,000 clinical trials underway to solve the world's most challenging and complex medical problems.

We will rapidly accelerate our efforts to improve patient accessibility to clinical trials, increase patient recruitment efforts and connect people to therapeutic treatments for their specific conditions.

Our Strategy

Because patient care, research and education are integrated at Mayo Clinic, we can translate research findings into patient care faster and bolster our unmatched archive of patient data that aids future studies. Information gained from clinical trials enhances this ability, refining insights and improving care.

Mayo Clinic has a large and proven clinical trials structure and the expertise that allows us to rapidly translate discoveries in the lab to trials that will impact global medical practice.

By building on our success in clinical trial initiatives, we can streamline patient data, match patients to existing clinical trials, speed the discovery of new therapies and improve care.

A Call to Action

To preserve Mayo's position as a leader in research and clinical trials, we must rapidly advance our technological infrastructure to support patient recruitment and growth. By amplifying our work in clinical trials and disseminating findings, we leverage what Mayo Clinic does best and make it available to the world, while putting the needs of the patient first. Give today.