Novel Therapeutics and Advanced Diagnostics

Our Vision

As the global authority in medicine, Mayo Clinic leads a vast array of research activity focused on the needs of patients around the world. Our robust, integrated medical practice gives us the capabilities to innovate, drive discoveries and bring them into patient care quickly and safely.

Medical and scientific knowledge is advancing faster than ever before, but patients still have unmet needs. Ultimately, patients need cures. We must develop effective treatments and therapies targeted to benefit each patient. Mayo Clinic will foster the rapid development of new and more effective treatments. We will provide accurate diagnoses that identify diseases earlier, when they are more treatable.

Mayo Clinic's vision is to accelerate toward identifying the new cures, effective therapies and advanced diagnostics that our patients, and patients everywhere, need today.

Our Strategy

To meet our patients' needs, Mayo Clinic will increase the availability of new therapies and more effective diagnostic tests. We are harnessing the rapid pace of innovation in science and technology to advance the discovery of new treatments. We are doing so by applying the latest in scientific knowledge and using the most-advanced technologies and equipment. We are leveraging our clinical and research expertise to find new insights in the vast amounts of medical data generated by patient care, and using those insights to guide cures.

Mayo Clinic will not be limited by the boundaries of medicine in pursuing our vision. We will learn and innovate at the intersection of medicine with other areas beyond the biomedical and life sciences, such as computing and engineering. We will adopt the most-promising developments and technologies in other fields and use them to achieve our patient-focused mission.

This work will happen across the Mayo Clinic organization and around the world. As we discover and innovate, we will engage other institutions and partners to expand our connections across the globe and to accelerate the pace of developing new therapies.

A Call to Action

This is an unprecedented time in which new scientific discoveries and technological advances are changing our world. Mayo Clinic's vision to leverage these opportunities to rapidly develop new therapies and advanced diagnostics is necessary to advance medicine.

Benefactor gifts to support novel therapeutics and advanced diagnostics are a critical part of this exciting and promising work. Philanthropy empowers Mayo Clinic and our teams of researchers to move quickly and decisively when we discover new opportunities to improve treatments and diagnostics for patients.

Benefactors make the difference in translating the most promising ideas into the treatments and tests that patients need. With the support of forward-thinking benefactors, we will transform the future of medicine. Give today.