Emerging Capabilities in the Science of Artificial Intelligence

Our Vision

Mayo Clinic is leading a patient-centered, data-driven health care revolution. Persistent forces are radically altering the health care landscape. Technology, data-driven knowledge and digital experiences will fuel the next generation of medicine. Artificial intelligence (AI), data science and informatics power research to develop the best solutions for patients at an accelerated pace. We aspire to move further along the spectrum from "diagnose and treat" to "prevent and cure" serious or complex diseases.

With emerging capabilities in the science of AI, we can reach even more patients and create new ways to diagnose, treat, predict, prevent and cure disease. We see a future in which AI will help select and match patients with the most promising clinical trials, develop and deploy remote health monitoring devices, and leverage imaging technology to detect currently imperceptible conditions and anticipate disease risk years in advance.

Our Strategy

At Mayo Clinic, teams of data scientists and clinician-researchers are working together to take expansive sets of patient data and apply sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms to achieve medical insights humans could never achieve on their own. They are applying AI to patient data in a way that quickly solves problems, leading to the creation of new health care tools and treatments. These include new care models delivered through physical, digital and virtual methods.

Currently, more than 200 AI projects at Mayo Clinic are in various stages of maturity across the discovery-translation-application research continuum — from vetting for feasibility and data availability to building algorithms and models, to clinical implementation and application. We have built a new Research Department for AI and Informatics, established a Center for Digital Health and a Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, and launched the Mayo Clinic Platform. We also have a unique repository of clinical data and we have formed a 10-year partnership with Google to securely store our data.

A Call to Action

Mayo Clinic has a bold vision for the future, a strong strategy and a trusted reputation that uniquely position us to lead the transformation of health care. With benefactors as co-visionaries, we can accelerate AI innovation that will offer new hope and answers for our patients and people everywhere — the needs of the patient cannot wait. Give today.