Mayo Clinic is one of the largest and most experienced surgical practices in the world. Mayo has more than 300 surgeons and 122 operating rooms among its three locations in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Mayo surgeons perform high volumes of complex operations. In 2005, Mayo Clinic surgeons treated nearly 73,000 patients using the latest technology and innovative procedures.

Integrated Care

Surgeons are part of the team of doctors who work together to solve patients' problems. Collaboration brings a range of ideas, knowledge and experience to bear on a problem, ultimately providing better answers than any single physician could provide individually. Read more about integrated care.


Mayo Clinic has a history of surgical innovations, including pioneering open-heart surgery and total hip replacement. Read more about today's surgical innovations.


Mayo Clinic was founded by two surgeons, William J. and Charles H. Mayo. Mayo Clinic today is testimony to their innovative care and their organizational genius. Read about the history of surgery at Mayo.


See department pages at each Mayo location. Includes lists of doctors.