Healthy Lifestyle Program for managing chronic lung conditions

The pulmonary medicine team of Mayo Clinic in Minnesota offers a Healthy Lifestyle Program for people with chronic lung conditions. It's an intensive 3-hour program in which you explore strategies for dealing with your daily challenges.

The program covers the most prevalent problems in chronic lung disease:

  • Breathlessness
  • Inactivity
  • Management of stress

The program is particularly aimed at individuals for whom breathlessness adversely impacts their functioning and mood, or who are experiencing a decline in their personal life and work responsibilities.

This is a hands-on program — your involvement is expected. Practices of self-exploration aimed at self-awareness of physical symptoms, emotions and stressors are the cornerstone of this program.

Through the program, you will be introduced to simple awareness practices and a mindful movement practice. Your explorations will help you form goals for your daily lifestyle, based on your preferences and values.

Family members or caregivers are encouraged to participate in the program as well.

After the program, you will receive a pedometer, wear a physical activity monitor and receive feedback about your activity from a health coach. You will also have an opportunity to share post-program experiences.

The program is offered through the Mindful Breathing Laboratory and is held on the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minn.

March 19, 2021