Mayo Clinic neurologists trained in epilepsy and seizures have expertise and experience in evaluating and treating adults and children with epilepsy and seizures.

Neurologists work closely with doctors and staff trained in brain and nervous system surgery (neurosurgeons), radiology and nervous system conditions (neuroradiologists), mental health conditions and nervous system conditions (neuropsychologists), and other areas to deliver comprehensive care for people with epilepsy and other seizure disorders.


Doctors at Mayo Clinic actively participate in epilepsy research. Research includes studying causes, potential diagnostic tests and treatments for epilepsy. Researchers study potential treatments for epilepsy, including medications, deep brain stimulation and surgery, and conduct clinical trials. Doctors also study surgical outcomes to determine how to improve surgery outcomes.

Mayo Clinic doctors developed subtraction ictal SPECT coregistered to MRI (SISCOM), an imaging technology that accurately pinpoints seizure locations.

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