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  1. Jori-Pearson-Featured.jpg

    An uncommon antibody, a life restored

    Sophisticated laboratory testing solved a medical riddle and finally got Jori Pearson back on his feet, doing what he loves. Jori Pearson was a 39-year-old homebuilding contractor with a passion for golf and fishing when he began feeling numbness in his hands. That was in 2013. And those early symptoms signaled the start of a four-year medical odyssey, although Jori and his wife, Kerri, didn't realize that at the time. While Jori's symptoms worsened —…

  2. Nolan-Hemmen-Featured.jpg

    'I have to run:' Teenage cross-country star back on course after brain surgery

    When Nolan Hemmen laces-up his running shoes these days, he can't help but think how far he's come since having brain surgery. It was November 2019, just a few weeks after Nolan turned 16 and got his driver's licence, he noticed his arms going numb. "I would scratch my arm and not feel anything," says Nolan. Within a few days, the numbing spread across his entire body. Nolan and his mother, Pamela Hemmen, went to…

  3. Bratsch3_featured.jpg

    A downward spiral undone: Jon Bratsch

    Jon Bratsch had accepted that he was going to die. Barely conscious, breathing through a ventilator, and paralyzed in the intensive care unit, he could not see a way through the destructive illness that had taken so much from him. Just three weeks earlier, Jon had felt fine. A happily married father of two grown girls, known throughout his hometown as a hard-working mechanic, Jon spent weekends riding his Harley-Davidson with his wife, Kris, seated…

  4. Sheila-Lewis-featured.jpg

    Back from the brink: Sheila Lewis

    Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ comprehensive approach to targeted antibody testing played a crucial and lifesaving role in moving Sheila Lewis to recovery from autoimmune encephalitis. Sheila Lewis doesn’t remember much about the battle against autoimmune encephalitis that almost took her life, but her family can still recall every heartbreaking moment. With Sheila in a coma for 12 days, they had resigned themselves to the fact that they were losing their beloved 61-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother. It looked…

  5. Lauren-Quinn-Featured.jpg

    How the right diagnosis and a new approach changed my life

    Editor's note: This story was written by patient Lauren Quinn. I've always been an active girl. Running cross-country, playing lacrosse and dribbling down the basketball court is where I shined. But in 2008, my life was turned upside down, and it would be 13 years before things would get better. I vividly remember a family vacation when I started to feel exhausted, nauseous and weak. I was in fifth grade, and within a week the…

  6. Lisa_Miller-featured.jpg

    A new lease on life thanks to research into rare neurodegenerative disease

    The changes were subtle at first. "Almost unnoticeable," says Lisa Miller, remembering the symptoms that seemed to appear suddenly in late 2017. At a friend's wedding, the Front Royal, Virginia, project engineer remembers falling out of her shoes. "My left heel kept coming out from my shoes," she says. She chalked it up to too much merriment. A few months later, a co-worker told Lisa her gait was off and that she was dragging her…

  7. McKinley-featured.jpg

    Reversing a dire disorder on the road to renewed health

    Advanced testing at Mayo Clinic Laboratories that confirmed a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis put Lorinda McKinley on the road to renewed health after she nearly lost it all to the rare autoimmune disease. When Lorinda McKinley arrived at Mayo Clinic’s Spine Center in February seeking a second opinion for neck surgery, her eyelids were droopy, her jaw routinely fell open, and she couldn’t lift her arms above her head. Based on the results of an…

  8. FInstad-featured.jpg

    Baby a blessing for woman who had deep brain stimulation for epilepsy

    For nearly 10 years, Sheri Finstad suffered from seizures that couldn't be controlled with medication ― a situation that happens to roughly one-third of people with epilepsy. With the help of her epilepsy team and deep brain stimulation, Sheri Finstad was able to have a successful pregnancy. When Sheri Finstad looks down at her son, Isaac, in her arms, she says it amazes her. "There were times that I thought we would never be…

  9. Jeremy-featured.jpg

    New therapies, holistic modalities and hope help photographer see future

    Had it not been for the persistence of a co-worker, Jeremy Paterno might be living a different journey. It was the first Tuesday in 2020 when Jeremy Paterno, a photographer at Mayo Clinic in Florida, began noticing some small oddities. "That day, I had a couple flighty moments where my right hand was off, like when I got in the car, but I missed the ignition when trying to insert the key," says Jeremy, a…

  10. Joy-Carol-JoyHBPatio-featured.jpg

    Finding joy after rare neurologic diagnosis

    When Joy Carol finds something she is passionate about, she embraces it. A love of international development work and education led to a 35-year career working with international organizations, including the United Nations Development Programme, the Ford Foundation, Save the Children and Child Fund. Although New York City was her home base, Joy visited and supervised programs in more than 40 developing countries. In 2013, just after her 75th birthday, Joy was visiting friends in Greece when she first realized her…

March 08, 2022