Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy services


Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy is accredited by Accreditation Commission For Health Care

Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy coordinates services with your health care team. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals work closely with the pharmacy team to ensure therapy is safe and effective. Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy can supply the medications you need for your health condition. Its team of professionals develops a comprehensive, personalized medication management program for you, in coordination with your health care team.

In addition, any care history you may have at Mayo Clinic is integrated in the pharmacy's records. You may consult with the clinic's pharmacists and staff to address your concerns quickly and professionally.

If you experience problems with your treatment or have concerns with your medications, talk to your pharmacist. Your pharmacist can help you:

  • Monitor your condition
  • Maximize the benefits of your medications
  • Limit side effects
  • Identify drug-drug or drug-disease interactions
  • Respond to manufacturer warnings or recalls

Trusted quality

Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy provides quality, competitively priced medications and supplies, some of which may not be available at your local pharmacy. This program gives you access to a full range of pharmacy and support services, saving you time and effort.

The pharmacy offers personal consultation and express courier service to ensure that you have safe, effective drugs when and where you need them. When needed, the pharmacy coordinates care with other pharmacy providers. The Specialty Pharmacy team members focus on your medication management needs in an environment of strict patient confidentiality.

Fast, convenient service

Once a referral is sent to Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy, you are contacted by a patient care coordinator who explains the pharmacy's services, billing and reimbursement, and coordinates the shipment of your first order.

A Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist provides comprehensive training and education about your new therapy and contacts you periodically throughout your treatment to support the safety and effectiveness of your therapy.

When available, the pharmacy team will substitute FDA-approved generic medications that are equivalent to the medication prescribed by your physician. This safe substitution reduces your drug costs. Patient care coordinators will work with you each month to schedule your medication orders and monitor your progress.

Many major prescription drug plans include Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy. The pharmacy coordinates all billing and prescription drug plan claims on your behalf, relieving you of the tasks of completing forms and filing claims. Pharmacy business office staff submits claims to private insurance companies, Medicare and other third-party payers. You'll just need to provide credit card information for the processing of your cost-sharing amounts (copayments and coinsurance).

If you have questions or concerns, call the pharmacy at 800-337-3736 (toll-free).

Proceeds from the Mayo Clinic Specialty Pharmacy support Mayo Clinic education and research programs.