The Mayo Clinic Platform

Our Vision

The Mayo Clinic Platform allows Mayo Clinic to expand beyond our walls, multiply what we can do on our own, and innovate in new ways to touch the lives of millions of people.

Through a coordinated portfolio of initiatives, we are unlocking the ever-increasing potential of technology and big data to make connections that were previously difficult to achieve and innovate in new ways, with global impact. The potential for virtual health, wearables, machine learning and artificial intelligence is tremendous, and we are strongly positioned to lead in delivering these needed advancements. In conjunction with best-in-class partners from across the world, the Mayo Clinic Platform will expand over time to become the coordinating epicenter for hundreds of digital health care initiatives.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to improve health care for people everywhere, strengthening and extending Mayo Clinic's distinctive model of care while adhering to our longstanding values.

Our experts are working to:

  • Launch a portfolio of high-impact transformative platform ventures that will make Mayo's expertise available globally. These efforts will harness big data and artificial intelligence to create insights that are both personalized and powered by millions of data points.
  • Create the most powerful information technology platform in health care, combining cutting-edge data science, analytics, innovation and business applications. This engine, fortified with patient-centric security and privacy mechanisms, will build drive the definitive source of knowledge required to uncover cures, enact precise and personalized treatments, and transform care.
  • Lead a federation of experts who are aligned to define the governance, curation, economics, regulatory, legal, partnership management and reputational frameworks necessary to create the world's most trusted and powerful digital health care platform, modeled after Mayo's core principles.

A Call to Action

Mayo Clinic's commitment – the needs of the patient come first – has never been more relevant than it is today. The trust that patients have placed in Mayo inspires us to step forward on their behalf and lead the march of medical discovery and health care delivery into the digital age. With the support of visionary benefactors, we will move forward with strength and innovation in ways that others cannot. We invite you to join us as we revolutionize health care. Give today.

June 27, 2020