Capital Expansion

Our Vision

Capital expansion at Mayo Clinic is creating a new future of health care.  The Mayo Clinic of the future builds on our history of patient-centered care with data-driven solutions and advanced technologies and analytics leveraged to revolutionize the practice of medicine.

Expansion means:

  • Intelligently designed patient care areas with technologically advanced, smarter hospital rooms that promote cures, comfort, convenience, safety and efficiency
  • New research capabilities to develop novel cures and therapies
  • Refined education space that inspires a thriving culture of learning and innovation

Our Strategy

Mayo Clinic's strategy to cure, connect and transform health care will require significant investments in capital expansion. Our unified vision propels advancements at each site, including:

Arizona: By 2024, the Phoenix campus will double in size. Through a combination of new structures and additions to existing facilities, we will add 1.6 million square feet, 94 patient rooms (and an additional 100 patient rooms by 2030), 29 emergency department rooms, and eight operating rooms.

Florida: The expansion in Jacksonville will bring the first carbon ion treatment facility to North America and build infrastructure to make breakthrough treatments more widely available and affordable. The 10-year vision is to build a hospital expansion, space for research and education, and infrastructure to support innovation.

Minnesota: In Rochester, the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Building, a new eight-floor research building, provides critical space for talented researchers to discover the cures of tomorrow.

A Call to Action

The opportunities in the years ahead are boundless. Visionary work is happening each day at Mayo Clinic, creating new standards in health care for the benefit of patients. Capital expansion is an essential part of this progress.

The thread of philanthropy weaves together the vision, the plan, the purpose and the execution. Benefactors are valued co-visionaries who believe a revolutionary new approach to health care is possible through Mayo Clinic.

Your investment provides the necessary support to ensure our full vision comes to fruition and addresses urgent unmet patient needs in new and innovative ways. We can only accomplish this with your philanthropic support.

Join us today to bring a transformative new health care experience to more patients who need us. Together, we can build a new future of medicine at Mayo Clinic. Give today.