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  1. With her dance career in the balance, patient finds that brain surgery can wait

    A cavernous malformation threatened to upend Allison Nilsen's dance career. Surgery was an option, but at what cost? Her team at Mayo created a plan to monitor Allison's condition and let her pursue her dreams. At Mayo Clinic, patient care plans are not one-size-fits-all. Allison Nilsen's story is a prime example of that. When she [...]

  2. Care Coordination Puts Jim on the Path to Recovery

    After Jim Hauck sustained serious injuries from a car accident in Nevada, Mayo Post Acute Care helped him return home, where he continues to recover and heal. Jim Hauck wasn't sure where he was when he woke up in a hospital in February 2019. The 52-year-old Eau Claire, Wisconsin, resident had been in a serious [...]

  3. Cameron's New Way Forward After Rare Disease Diagnoses

    Cameron Kaipainen with his mom and dad, Michele and Aron. Cameron Kaipainen and his parents spent years searching for explanations to his ongoing and confusing medical problems. It wasn't until arriving at Mayo Clinic in Arizona that the true nature of Cameron's condition was uncovered, giving the family the priceless gift of knowledge. When Cameron [...]

  4. Harnessing Love and Gratitude to Combat an Aggressive Brain Tumor

    Mary Jane Moline has never been one to shy away from a challenge. So when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor, she was ready to face her treatment head-on. For Mary Jane, that has meant embracing with enthusiasm all of the therapy her Mayo Clinic care team has offered. Mary Jane Moline, an [...]

  5. Team of Mayo Experts Pinpoints Source of Puzzling Leg Weakness

    Without an explanation for progressive weakness in his legs, Raymond Knapp was resigned to the notion that he would be confined to a wheelchair. A collaborative effort among Mayo Clinic specialists in Radiology and Neurology, though, changed everything for Raymond, giving him the diagnosis and treatment he needed to walk on his own again. Believing [...]

  6. Collaborative Approach to Care Restores Conductor's Sight

    When doctors in Ohio told Robyn Lana they weren't sure whether a brain aneurysm they found behind her right eye socket was causing the vision problems she'd been experiencing, Robyn turned to Mayo Clinic. Not only did her Mayo care team identify the true cause of her vision loss, they fixed it. In November 2018, [...]

  7. With Her Seizures in the Past, Keeley Faces a Promising Future

    Photo courtesy of Sonya Schultz Photography For years, Keeley Allen and her family lived in fear that a seizure would strike and render the teen helpless. Unresponsive to medication, the seizures were unusual and ambiguous. Worse than the unpredictability of the seizures was the uncertainty about how to make them stop. At Mayo Clinic, however, [...]

  8. New Hope for Regaining His Old Life After Being Paralyzed

    Paralyzed from the neck down as a result of a surfing accident, Chris Barr thought life as he knew it was over. After enrolling in a regenerative medicine clinical trial at Mayo Clinic, however, he began to realize all was not lost. Chris Barr wanted to give up and give in. A surfing accident in [...]

  9. Expert Care, Teamwork Lead to Tailored Treatment for Alexa's Rare Cancer

    Alexa Lofaro spent six months taking medications for a condition she didn't have. Once she arrived at Mayo Clinic, a multidisciplinary team specializing in her disease not only provided the right diagnosis, but also conducted the genetic testing necessary to find the right medication for her. Only about 1,500 people in the world have been [...]

  10. Regaining Control After a Decade of Epilepsy

    Before coming to Mayo Clinic, Denny Hinshaw had lived with epileptic seizures for more than 10 years, and they were eroding his personal and professional life. Since Denny came to Mayo Clinic for care, however, all that is in the past. Near the end of December 2018, Denny Hinshaw turned on the TV in his [...]

June 26, 2021
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