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Lung transplant surgeons use advanced techniques.

Comprehensive care prior to lung transplant lead to improved outcomes.

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Mayo Clinic is one of the leading medical facilities in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. Its lung transplant doctors and surgeons use proven innovations to successfully treat people with serious lung diseases. And Mayo Clinic is among the few medical institutions that offer the full spectrum of options for lung transplantation, including heart-lung transplantation.

People with very challenging health situations turn to Mayo Clinic's team because of its expertise with all lung diseases, multiorgan transplants, lung restoration and supportive therapies.

Mayo Clinic's experts focus on your needs, bringing to your situation the strength of their:

  • Experience. Mayo Clinic's lung transplant specialists have expertise in comprehensive treatment of people with serious lung diseases. This team of experts is committed to helping potential lung transplant recipients, many with multiple medical problems who need complex operations — such as heart-lung or double-lung transplants.
  • Teamwork. Your care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of specialists in pulmonology, transplant, chest surgery (thoracic surgery), nursing, immunology, social work, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, dietary, infectious diseases and other areas. Together, you and your team will talk about a full range of treatment options and develop a plan to provide exactly the care you need.

    The Transplant Center teams at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Florida and Minnesota share the same high standards and a commitment to individualized care. They work together to evaluate and treat people who may need a lung transplant. So you could be evaluated at one location and undergo surgery at another, if it's in your best interest.

  • New techniques and technologies. Mayo Clinic is developing lung restoration capabilities. At a lung restoration center on Mayo Clinic's Florida campus, biotechnologists are performing perfusion procedures to make lungs acceptable for transplantation. This will increase the number of organs available to people waiting for a donor organ. Work at the lung restoration center supports and extends Mayo's regenerative medicine program.
  • Innovative research. Mayo Clinic scientists and doctors are committed to expanding and sharing knowledge that makes transplants safer and improves patients' lives. For example, Mayo Clinic researchers explore the use of stem cell therapy in patients whose immune system rejects a transplant lung. In the future, Mayo Clinic may use regenerative cell therapy to repair donor lungs, making even more lungs available to people on donor waiting lists.

    At Mayo Clinic, you may have access to ongoing clinical trials and new treatments.

The lung transplant team performs lung transplants at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Florida and Minnesota. As a three-site institution, Mayo Clinic performs more than 75 lung transplants a year, many of them requiring specialized solutions and surgeries.


Skilled health care professionals Transplant Center team

Teams are focused on achieving favorable outcomes from your lung transplant.

Mayo Clinic lung doctors and surgeons work with a multidisciplinary team to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. They have expertise in treating people in many areas of lung transplantation, including those listed below. Not all services are available at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Florida and Minnesota. Please confirm when you call for an appointment.

In addition, you will have access to therapies to help people manage their conditions while waiting for transplants, and other therapies after transplant to help ensure better outcomes:

  • Bronchoscopy
  • Coronary angiography
  • Integrative medicine
  • Lung volume reduction surgery
  • Nutrition
  • Palliative care
  • Patient education
  • Psychiatry and psychology
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Tobacco cessation treatment
Lung transplant surgery

A well-coordinated team makes sure lung transplant patients receive exactly the care they need.



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May 09, 2023