Multiorgan transplants

Mayo Clinic doctors and surgeons have experience and expertise performing multiorgan transplant procedures, including:

  • Heart-lung
  • Heart-liver
  • Heart-kidney
  • Kidney-pancreas
  • Liver-kidney
  • Heart-lung-liver transplants

Surgeons use innovative techniques in multiorgan transplant surgery and other types of transplant surgery, with excellent results.

Surgeons at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota also perform multiorgan transplant procedures in children. Doctors trained in many areas work together as a team in the Transplant Center to treat people who need multiorgan transplants.

In a Mayo Clinic study, doctors found that people who needed and received heart-kidney transplants had excellent long-term results. In addition, doctors also reported that long-term outcomes of heart-kidney transplants had the same or better outcomes as a heart transplant alone. In another Mayo Clinic study, researchers concluded that people who needed and received heart-liver transplants had results similar to those achieved with a heart transplant alone. Researchers continue to study outcomes of multiorgan transplants to improve post-transplant results.

May 09, 2023