Multiorgan transplants

In the Transplant Center, liver transplant surgeons work with experts in other types of transplantation to perform multiorgan procedures.

Surgeons trained in all areas of transplantation have extensive experience treating people with complex conditions who may need liver-kidney, liver-heart, liver-lung and liver-lung-heart transplant surgery.

Mayo Clinic doctors in many areas are experienced in treating amyloidosis, a rare condition in which proteins build up in different organs in your body. Each year Mayo Clinic doctors see 1,600 people with amyloidosis. Amyloidosis can affect the function of several organs in your body. Some people with amyloidosis may need a liver transplant or a heart-liver transplant.

Doctors also treat hyperoxaluria, a condition in which you have too much of a substance (oxalate) in your urine. Some people with primary hyperoxaluria type 1 may be eligible for a liver-kidney transplant, which may improve their condition by reducing their oxalate and plasma levels.

Lowering rejection in organ transplant

Watch Mark Stegall, M.D., and Richard Daly, M.D., discuss lowering rejection risk in organ transplants.

March 28, 2024