A typical visit

What to expect from your Mayo Clinic provider

You can expect your Mayo Clinic General Internal Medicine (GIM) provider to give you:

  • Time to respectfully listen to your concerns
  • Time to ask questions and discuss concerns
  • A clear explanation of your health status
  • Help in making decisions about specific health needs
  • Confidentiality
  • Appropriate referrals
  • An appointment at the end of your Mayo visit or a summary letter to discuss treatment plans and final recommendations for you and your local or referring doctor

GIM evaluation process: The basics

Depending on the complexity of your medical issues, a typical GIM evaluation at Mayo Clinic takes four to seven working days. The GIM care team will coordinate appointments with your personal schedule as efficiently as possible. Here's a summary of the evaluation process:

  • Preappointment medical information review. Based on medical information that you and your local doctor provide, GIM may preschedule tests and appointments.
  • Initial GIM appointment. Your GIM care team will conduct an evaluation, including a physical exam.
  • Appointments with specialists. After your initial appointment, your GIM care team may schedule additional tests and consultations with one or more specialists.
  • GIM return appointment. After testing and specialty appointments are done, your GIM provider will see you to review results. This may be the final visit with your GIM provider or additional appointments may be scheduled.
  • Your local primary care doctor. GIM will send you a summary of your visit. It's recommended that you share and discuss your results with your local primary care doctor.

What happens after your Mayo Clinic appointment?

It's important that you have a local primary care doctor to oversee your continuing care and provide prescription refills after you return home. Although the GIM care team can't provide ongoing primary care, with your permission, GIM would be happy to share the results of your visit and discuss ongoing treatment options with your local primary care doctor.

Mayo Clinic offers patient online services, including, if you wish, a way for your local doctor to access your health information.

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