Some patients come to Mayo Clinic for specific tests or consultations ordered by their doctor. Many others schedule their own appointments and examinations.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when visiting a large medical institution. Many people fear they will get lost in the shuffle and become "just a number."

That's why patients from outside the Phoenix area, patients referred by their physician and patients who make their own appointments at Mayo Clinic are received in the Division of Consultative Medicine. Consultative Medicine gives personal care and attention to each new patient, including:

  • Coordinating all tests and consultations
  • Arranging for an interpreter, if one is needed

Each patient is teamed with a personal Consultative Medicine physician, who conducts a general examination and orders tests and specialty consultations as needed. For the length of the patient's visit, this personal physician oversees the patient's needs. Everything is well-coordinated, and nearly all services are provided under one roof, in one location.

A summary of exam results and care received while at Mayo Clinic is sent to the patient's local physician at home. That way the patient can continue care from their local physician and yet receive consultative Mayo services.

Consultative Medicine coordinates patient care during a visit to Mayo Clinic, but does not provide ongoing care after the visit has ended. Patients should have a local doctor at home who can provide regular medical care and manage ongoing issues.

How many days should a patient allow for examination?

Consultative Medicine makes sure that appointments, tests and consultations are efficient and well-coordinated. But because each patient's needs are different, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact length of time needed for a specific, thorough evaluation.

If possible, patients should leave their return date flexible at least until the initial evaluation is complete. Then their Consultative Medicine physician can give a more accurate assessment of the time needed at Mayo Clinic.