Menopause and Women's Sexual Health Clinic Overview

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The Menopause and Women's Sexual Health Clinic is recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative approach to treatment of women with menopausal hormonal and sexual health concerns. Your care team may include a doctor, psychologist, sex therapist, pelvic floor physical therapist and nurse educator, depending on your needs. The team creates an accepting, kind atmosphere where you can discuss your concerns confidentially. Together, you'll develop an individualized care plan based on your needs and preferences and the team's extensive knowledge of scientific evidence.

Doctors of the Mayo Clinic Menopause and Sexual Health Clinic collaborate

The doctors of the Menopause and Women's Sexual Health Clinic work together to develop individualized care plans for each person.

If you come to Mayo Clinic with concerns about menopause or sexual health, you may benefit from a consultation with the experts of the Menopause and Women's Sexual Health Clinic at the clinic's campus in Minnesota. These specialists provide compassionate care tailored to you.

Innovative research for better treatments

Experts of the Menopause and Women's Sexual Health Clinic engage in clinical trials and innovative research that contribute to understanding the science and treatments related to menopause and sexual health. They publish their work in medical journals for the benefit of women everywhere and are also frequent speakers at local, national and international conferences. Learn more about the Women's Health Research Center.

Talk with your doctor about whether any of the clinic's many menopause and sexual health-related clinical trials might be right for you.


Physical therapists

  • Nicole (Niki) M. Cookson, P.T., D.P.T., WCS
  • Laura E. Meihofer, P.T., D.P.T., A.T.C.
  • Dawn B. Underwood, P.T., D.P.T., OCS

Nurse educators

  • Virginia (Ginny) M. Hartert, R.N.
  • Sara L. Trotter, R.N.
  • Taryn A. Brown, R.N.
  • Amanda J. Dohlman, R.N.


A woman talks with doctors of the Menopause and Sexual Health Clinic. Menopause and sexual health consultation

At the Menopause and Women's Sexual Health Clinic, your care team listens to your concerns.

You may choose from a range of services, based on your needs and concerns:

  • Menopause consultation. During a menopause consultation, you talk with a women's health specialist about your menopausal hormonal symptoms. This type of consultation may be right for you if your symptoms are related to natural or surgical menopause, primary ovarian failure, premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, menstrual migraines, or induced menopause resulting from chemotherapy or radiation during cancer treatment.
  • Sexual health consultation. During a sexual health consultation, you talk with a women's health specialist with expertise in evaluating and treating low libido and issues around sexual arousal and response. The initial evaluation includes a medical assessment of sexual health concerns. Many conditions can affect sexual response. For example, dyspareunia (or pain with penetrative sexual activity) may be related to vulvodynia, vaginismus, pelvic floor dysfunction and vaginal atrophy. And a cancer diagnosis and treatment may result in sexual health issues.

    After your initial sexual health consultation, you may receive a referral to another specialist. The clinic's team includes a variety of experts in helping women and their partners navigate these difficult times. For example, you may have a follow-up appointment with a sex therapist or a pelvic floor physical therapist.

  • Stress management consultation. Management of stress and mood can play an important role in decreasing symptoms related to menopause and sexual health. The clinic offers a consultation for stress management and appointments with a certified psychiatric nurse who specializes in mood disorders and sex education.
  • Meetings with a nurse educator. Nurse educators offer you opportunities to learn more about topics important to you and your well-being. Educational offerings include bone health, vaginal health, hot flash triggers, hormone therapy and pelvic floor exercises. You may also ask to meet with a nurse educator before undergoing sexual therapy, a stress management consult or pelvic floor therapy, so that you understand what to expect.

Conditions treated

Conditions treated by menopause and women's sexual health specialists include arousal and orgasm concerns, early menopause, female sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, low sex drive in women, menopausal and sexual health issues related to a cancer diagnosis, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), pelvic floor dysfunction, persistent genital arousal disorder, primary ovarian failure, surgical menopause, vaginal atrophy, vaginismus, and vulvodynia.

June 11, 2020