A dermatologist examines a woman's arm. Dermatology exam

People seeking answers about diseases of the skin, mucous membranes and nails, hair loss, and facial aging find the help they need at Mayo Clinic's widely respected Dermatology Department. Our skin specialists (adult and pediatric dermatologists, dermatopathologists, and dermatologic surgeons) diagnose and treat hundreds of conditions, including rare and genetic disorders. They work closely with you to understand your dermatologic needs and find the right answers the first time.

A team focused on you

Highly trained board-certified dermatologic (Mohs) surgeons and dermatologists offer a holistic approach and expert care, as part of a multispecialty group. Many people who come to us with skin problems also have related conditions, such as cancer or a disorder of the immune system. Our skin disease experts work with other specialists (oncologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, clinical genomics, neurologists, plastic surgeons, and others) to provide the individualized care you need.

Having all this expertise in a single place means that your care is discussed among the team, test results are available quickly, and appointments are scheduled in coordination. What might take weeks or even months to accomplish elsewhere can typically be done in a matter of days at Mayo Clinic.

Our dermatologists, dermatopathology specialists and Mohs surgeons also offer resources that complement the treatment you receive from your local doctor.

Cosmetic services to help you look and feel your best

Cosmetic dermatology procedures are available on Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Specialists in cosmetic dermatology work with other specialty areas, including plastic surgery, ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology), gynecology, vascular surgery, and ophthalmology.

People turn to our experts in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics for many reasons — to feel more confident, to look as young as they feel, for restorative skin care after a medical or surgical intervention, or trauma. Our team of aesthetic and skin specialists is dedicated to helping you feel and look your best.

Our skin specialists provide the most advanced cosmetic procedures and the latest technologies to ensure you get the results you desire. We offer a full range of aesthetic facial and skin care treatments, cosmetic surgical procedures — such as face-lifts, tummy tucks and breast augmentation — and cosmetic nonsurgical procedures, including injectables, fillers, laser hair removal and body contouring. Not all services are available at each site. Please confirm when you make an appointment.


Mayo Clinic's dermatologists are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise in diagnosing and treating conditions of the skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails, and for their broad range of clinical, educational and research achievements.

Our dermatology and dermatopathology specialists have expertise in genetics, immunology, melanoma, oral disease, pathology, pediatrics, pharmacology, public health and surgery. They perform Mohs micrographic surgery, laser surgery, cosmetic surgery and other dermatologic surgical procedures.

Expertise in brown and Black skin

Mayo Clinic dermatologists are trained in identifying symptoms and treating conditions for people of color. This expertise is key to avoiding incorrect or delayed diagnoses.

Your doctor can also answer questions and concerns related to how symptoms look on brown or Black skin and whether procedures like laser therapy carry risks such as permanent discoloration (postinflammatory hypopigmentation). People of color may have special concerns related to many conditions and procedures — such as acne, atopic dermatitis (eczema), melanoma, melasma, sun protection, tinea capitis, hair and scalp health, and cosmetic treatments.

The clinic is also committed to improving the disparities in care for people of color and the underrepresentation of Black and Latino doctors in dermatology. Increasing knowledge in the treatment of people of color in medical education, research and clinical practice is a priority for our department.

Virtual visits

Mayo Clinic is broadening options for scheduling appointments.

A virtual appointment might be an option for you before, after or in place of face-to-face care. Appointment coordinators will recommend a virtual visit if it best fits your needs. You'll be asked to set up a Patient Online Services account, where you can access your medical records and communicate with your care team from your favorite digital device.

Dermatology virtual visit options include phone, video and eVisit. With an eVisit, you'll log into Patient Online Services and respond to a secure message asking for photographs and other information about what you're experiencing. Availability of services may vary among Mayo Clinic locations. Please confirm when you request an appointment.

Innovative research that improves care

Mayo Clinic dermatology clinician-scientists conduct research and develop new diagnostic and treatment options. Our dermatologists are committed to innovating to provide people with the most up-to-date care possible, including new regenerative medicine therapies developed with the Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics. For example, they use a new regenerative medicine approach called platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). It's a nonsurgical approach to improving the appearance of facial tissue. Mayo Clinic dermatologists are also using PRP with success to treat people with certain types of hair loss.

Closely linked to a comprehensive cancer center

You might benefit from our dermatologists being connected to the expertise of Mayo Clinic's National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. Our clinician-scientists work with researchers worldwide, contributing to advances in cancer care for people everywhere.



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