Mayo Clinic doctors research breast condition treatments, share information between Mayo Clinic locations and work with national research organizations such as the National Cancer Institute. Areas of research include:

  • Drugs to reduce cancer risk (chemoprevention) for postmenopausal women at high risk of developing breast cancer
  • The role of hormones in breast cancer prevention
  • Molecular breast imaging for evaluating breast symptoms and conditions
  • Biological markers that influence breast density on mammograms
  • Fluid retention and tissue swelling (lymphedema) in the breast after surgery
  • Infection prevention after breast and underarm (axillary) surgery
  • Low-dose vaginal estrogens for treating the thinning and inflammation of the vaginal wall (atrophic vaginitis)

Women's Cancer Program

Mayo Clinic doctors in the Women's Cancer Program conduct research in many areas to improve treatment for women who have breast and gynecologic cancers. As part of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, the Women's Cancer Program provides psychological and social support classes, a resource center and educational programs for patients and their families.