Mayo Clinic fosters a robust research environment in which scientific expertise is combined with clinical insights to create solutions for unmet patient needs. The unrelenting focus of our clinician-researchers and scientists results in advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other breast conditions.

Breast research at Mayo Clinic is conducted along a wide spectrum, from individual laboratories of principal investigators to large-scale world-renowned programs and centers, including Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is designated as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and boasts broad geographic reach through its campuses in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona; Jacksonville, Florida; and Rochester, Minnesota.

Our breast research is improving lives by:

  • Advancing breast cancer research with cryoelectron microscopy
  • Determining which genes increase risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer
  • Advancing the development of drug targets and treatment strategies for people with triple-negative breast cancer
  • Developing measles virus-based immunovirotherapy to treat metastatic breast cancer
  • Studying the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitors in suppressing estrogen and preventing breast cancer recurrence
  • Developing new therapeutics for endocrine-resistant breast cancer

Women's Cancer Program

The Women's Cancer Program, an NCI-funded research program in Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, conducts research focused on advancing the understanding and treatment of breast cancer and gynecologic cancers, with the goal of improving patient survival and outcomes.

Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer SPORE

Also backed by NCI funding within Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer SPORE supports translational breast cancer research that can be quickly applied to clinical practice so that patients have access to better treatment options and care. The SPORE also funds innovative research projects for rising investigators.

Mayo Mammography Health Study

The Mayo Mammography Health Study at Mayo Clinic is a breast cancer research study whose goal is to identify features on mammograms that can be used to help detect which people are at high risk of developing breast cancer.

Clinical trials

Mayo Clinic researchers are involved in studies to evaluate potential treatments (clinical trials) for many conditions and treatments, including breast cancer, chemotherapy, hormonal treatments, targeted biological therapies, radiation therapy, prevention of breast cancer, management of hot flashes, and treatment-related fatigue, nausea and cognitive dysfunction. They carry out hundreds of clinical trials in all phases.

You may have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, whether you're newly diagnosed with breast cancer or living with recurrent or advanced breast cancer. Ask your doctor about clinical trials that might be right for you.

Learn more about clinical trials at Mayo Clinic.

Oct. 28, 2023