Mayo Clinic is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, with three locations: Rochester, Minn.; Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz., and Jacksonville, Fla. The Breast Clinic in Florida works closely with the programs at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Minnesota and Arizona. By sharing information and collaborating on research projects, staff can offer the collective wisdom of cancer specialists at all three Mayo locations.

Mayo doctors also have research affiliations with national cancer research groups, such as:

The Breast Clinic on Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida offers you an opportunity to participate in research on novel preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Special programs include an outstanding Familial Cancer Program designed for individuals at high risk of developing breast cancer based on family history.

Mayo's clinical trials include an evaluation of best ways to use existing treatments, experimental treatments (often unavailable elsewhere), and exploration of genetic and protein markers in the blood and tumors to better understand, prevent and treat cancer. See a listing of Mayo Clinic breast cancer clinical trials. Ask your doctor about clinical trials appropriate for your situation.