Katelyn R. Anderson, M.D.

  1. Dermatologist
  2. Pediatrician




  1. Rochester, Minnesota



Katelyn R. Anderson, M.D., is a dermatologist with subspecialty expertise in pediatric dermatology. Her clinical focus includes:

  • Vascular anomalies including complex vascular malformation syndromes, overgrowth syndromes, and vascular tumors.
  • Breast dermatoses including cutaneous findings in breast cancer patients/survivors.
  • Oral dermatoses including burning mouth syndrome, oral lichen planus, and complex aphthous ulcers.
  • Pediatric dermatology.
  • Vulvar dermatology.
  • Atopic Dermatitis.

In addition to her clinical activities, Dr. Anderson serves on the Mayo Dermatology Education Committee where she leads the subcommittee on resident wellness, and is an active member of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology and the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance through which she participants in resident and medical student mentorship. Dr. Anderson has research interests in vascular anomalies and pediatric dermatologic conditions including infantile hemangiomas and atopic dermatitis.

  1. Acne
  2. Alopecia areata
  3. Atopic dermatitis
  4. Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome
  5. Breast skin change
  6. Burning mouth syndrome
  7. Canker sores
  8. Diffuse capillary malformation with overgrowth
  9. Hair loss
  10. Hemangioma
  11. Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
  12. Melanoma
  13. Melasma
  14. Morphea
  15. Non-melanoma skin cancer
  16. Oral lichen planus
  17. Pigmentation disorder
  18. Pityriasis alba
  19. Psoriasis
  20. Rosacea
  21. Scarring alopecia
  22. Skin cancer
  23. Skin problems
  24. Telangiectasia disorder
  25. Telogen effluvium
  26. Tinea versicolor
  27. Tuberous sclerosis
  28. Vascular anomaly
  29. Vascular birthmarks
  30. Vascular malformation
  31. Vasculitis
  32. Vitiligo
  33. Vulvar skin disorder
  1. Allergy skin test
  2. Pulsed-dye laser therapy
  3. Skin biopsy
  4. UV light therapy
  • Vascular Anomalies
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Breast Dermatology
  • Vulvar Dermatology
  • Oral Dermatology

Rochester, Minnesota

  1. 2019
    FellowPediatric Dermatology, Programs in Rochester, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  2. 2017
    ResidentDermatology Residency Program, Programs in Rochester, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  3. 2014
    Resident - Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine ResidencyPediatric & Adolescent Medicine Residency Program, Programs in Rochester, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education
  4. 2011
    MDUniversity of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
  5. 2007
    BSUniversity of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


  1. 2017
    DermatologyAmerican Board of Dermatology
  2. 2014
    PediatricsAmerican Board of Pediatrics

Awards and honors

  1. 2014
    Resident/Fellow Research AwardSociety for Pediatric Dermatology
  2. 2012
    Scholarship AwardMayo International Health Program
  3. 2010
    Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Professional memberships

  1. 2019 - present
    MemberEducation Committee, Department of Dermatology
  2. 2015 - present
    MemberPediatric Dermatology Research Alliance
  3. 2014 - present
    MemberAmerican Academy of Dermatology
  4. 2014 - present
    MemberSociety for Pediatric Dermatology