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Day-to-day with endometriosis: Challenge your expectations

Let go of trying to make things perfect on days when endo pain gets the better of you.

Finding balance: Tips to manage life with endometriosis

Learn ways to find balance and practice moderation in daily activities.

Working with your doctor when you have endometriosis

Get the most out of your endometriosis appointments.

Endometriosis treatments: What are the options?

Understand available treatments and which might be right for you.

Reducing stress to manage endometriosis

Taking time to relax might lessen your pain.

Managing your self-esteem when you have endometriosis

Feeling good about yourself can make it easier to cope.

Coping with endometriosis pain

Try heat and stress-relief to ease endometriosis pain.

7 signs you might have endometriosis

Recognize endometriosis symptoms early so you can better manage your condition.

Reducing pain during sex when you have endometriosis

Increase intimacy while reducing pain.

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