Endometriosis care at Mayo Clinic

  • Your Mayo Clinic care team. At Mayo Clinic, gynecologists, radiologists and fertility specialists, along with others, work together to offer you options regarding endometriosis treatment — especially with managing the pain from this condition. Each year on average, Mayo Clinic doctors diagnose and treat more than 2,000 people with endometriosis or pelvic pain linked with endometriosis.
  • Advanced diagnosis and treatment. Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists investigate the best and safest treatment methods for endometriosis. Mayo Clinic experts use MRI scans or ultrasounds before any procedure may be done to figure out the best treatment approach for you. Mayo Clinic doctors also offer the most advanced treatment options, including minimally invasive surgery that involves few cuts.
  • Personalized care. Mayo Clinic offers a range of services and treatments based on your needs and preferences. The least invasive treatment is used whenever possible.

Expertise and rankings

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, ranks among the Best Hospitals for gynecology in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings.

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Oct. 12, 2023