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Mayo Clinic's world-renowned meningioma teams include neuroradiologists, neuropathologists, neurosurgeons, medical and neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals who work together to provide exactly the care you need.

Having all of this subspecialized expertise in a single place, focused on you, means that you're not just getting one opinion — your care is discussed among the team, your test results are available quickly, appointments are scheduled in coordination and the most highly specialized brain tumor experts in the world are all working together to determine what's best for you.

What might take months to accomplish elsewhere can typically be done in only a matter of days at Mayo Clinic.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment

Mayo Clinic offers access to the latest imaging and diagnostic tools available — and there's a long history of Mayo Clinic scientists developing those cutting-edge technologies for patient care. Doctors at Mayo Clinic treat more than 2,200 people with meningioma each year using the latest technological advances available to them, including computer-assisted brain surgery, intraoperative MRI, awake brain surgery and brain stereotactic radiosurgery.

Mayo Clinic also offers a comprehensive neuro-oncology program to diagnose and treat people with tumors of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that are outside of the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves). The Division of Neuro-Oncology offers a multidisciplinary team approach by doctors who have extensive experience managing nervous system cancer.

Expertise and rankings


Mayo Clinic's experts provide comprehensive care for more than 2,700 people with meningiomas each year. Experts in the Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Program's Meningioma Specialty Group specialize in meningioma, offering you the latest diagnosis and treatment options.

Advanced techniques and technology

Neurosurgery is among the most complex of the surgical disciplines. Mayo Clinic neurosurgeons use the latest technological advances available to them, including computer-assisted brain surgery, intraoperative MRI, awake brain surgery and brain stereotactic radiosurgery.

Comprehensive cancer center

Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center meets strict standards for a National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center, recognizing scientific excellence and a multispecialty approach focused on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Nationally recognized expertise

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo Clinic in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, rank among the Best Hospitals for neurology and neurosurgery in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings. Mayo Clinic Children's Center in Rochester is ranked the No. 1 hospital in Minnesota, and the five-state region of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, according to U.S. News & World Report's 2023-2024 "Best Children's Hospitals" rankings.

Learn more about Mayo Clinic's neurology and neurosurgery departments' expertise and rankings.

Locations, travel and lodging

Mayo Clinic has major campuses in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona; Jacksonville, Florida; and Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic Health System has dozens of locations in several states.

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Costs and insurance

Mayo Clinic works with hundreds of insurance companies and is an in-network provider for millions of people.

In most cases, Mayo Clinic doesn't require a physician referral. Some insurers require referrals, or may have additional requirements for certain medical care. All appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need.

Learn more about appointments at Mayo Clinic.

Please contact your insurance company to verify medical coverage and to obtain any needed authorization prior to your visit. Often, your insurer's customer service number is printed on the back of your insurance card.

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March 04, 2022