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Hearing Loss Spurs Doctor to Pay it Forward

Today, Greta Stamper, Au.D., Ph.D., is a doctor of audiology in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Mayo Clinic?s Florida campus. But her connection to Mayo Clinic dates all the way back to her childhood. Growing up in Iowa, Dr. Stamper was introduced to Mayo at age 10, when her parents took her to see Michael [...]

  • Expertise. Mayo Clinic specializes in treating difficult cases of hearing loss. Each Mayo Clinic location has ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists (otolaryngologists) and audiologists experienced in treating hearing disorders of all kinds. Mayo has sophisticated diagnostic tools and can offer you virtually every treatment option.
  • Experience. Mayo Clinic doctors treat large numbers of people and are skilled at performing less common procedures such as surgery for acoustic neuromas or cochlear implants. Each year, Mayo Clinic doctors treat nearly 21,000 people with some form of hearing loss.
  • Latest technology. Mayo uses the latest technology to accurately diagnose and treat your problem. Mayo Clinic offers a wide selection of hearing aids, many of which are compatible with the latest Bluetooth devices, such as cellphones and other listening devices.
  • Time for you. Doctors at Mayo take time to listen to your problem, explain your options and answer your questions.
Sept. 03, 2015