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  • Expertise and experience. Mayo Clinic specialists have extensive experience and expertise in caring for men with erectile dysfunction, treating more than 6,000 men each year.
  • Team approach. Erectile dysfunction has many possible causes. At Mayo Clinic, endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, urologists and psychologists work together to provide integrated care for men.
  • Full range of testing. Mayo Clinic's approach to men's sexual health is to comprehensively screen for cardiovascular diseases and endocrine conditions, such as low testosterone, that may cause erectile dysfunction. Mayo Clinic offers a full range of options for noninvasive testing of erectile dysfunction, including color Doppler ultrasound of penile blood flow.
  • Specialized treatments. Mayo specializes in helping men with difficult erectile dysfunction, such as men who have diabetes. Many people seek cancer treatment at Mayo Clinic, and cancer survivors often require specialized medical and surgical expertise to return to their role as sexual partner.
May 25, 2016