Orthopedic oncologists at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota specialize in the treatment of bone and soft-tissue tumors. These tumors include Ewing sarcoma, osteosarcoma, and other malignancies that involve the musculoskeletal system.

A multidisciplinary team of specialists provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients with musculoskeletal tumors. Mayo Clinic specialists who may become involved in a patient's care include:

  • Adult oncology — Oncologists prescribe, administer, and monitor chemotherapy in adults.
  • Pediatric oncology — Pediatric oncologists prescribe, administer, and monitor chemotherapy in children.
  • Diagnostic radiology — Diagnostic radiologists specialize in the use of X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, bone scans, and other radiation-based techniques for diagnosing cancer.
  • Radiation oncology — Radiation oncologists prescribe, administer, and monitor cancer-killing radiation.
  • Orthopedic surgery — Orthopedic surgeons perform surgery to diagnose (such as removing a sample for biopsy) and remove bone and soft-tissue tumors.
  • Pathology — Pathologists examine tumor samples under a microscope to determine a tumor's type.