Mayo Clinic Dialysis Center

The Mayo Clinic Dialysis Center in Jacksonville, Florida, provides state-of-the-art dialysis services in a comfortable, home-like facility.

For people with kidney disease or kidney failure requiring kidney dialysis, the Mayo Clinic Dialysis Center offers:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic, where a dedicated team of providers work together to provide comprehensive care to people with kidney disorders
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Home dialysis training and support for both home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • In-center hemodialysis
  • Outpatient dialysis services
  • Nephrology Nutrition Clinic, where registered dieticians with expertise in kidney disorders provide ongoing guidance for nutritional needs
  • Temporary dialysis if you need treatment while traveling

The unique design of the unit optimizes the staff's ability to observe your dialysis session while preserving the quietness and feeling of being in a private room. State-of-the-art equipment featuring real-time, online monitoring allows staff to monitor progress throughout your dialysis treatment.

The dialysis center features an effective staff-to-patient ratio. Staff members include registered nurses, certified chronic hemodialysis technicians, a renal dietician and a renal social worker under direction of a dedicated medical director. There are 24 private dialysis stations, three home-training rooms and two exam rooms. A centrally located nursing station provides staff with views of all dialysis stations. Read more about the dialysis health care team.

Your treatment team holds monthly care conferences with you to ensure your needs are being met. Your family members are welcome and encouraged to attend care conferences.

Home training program

A specially designed training area includes a bedroom with a shower and toilet facilities. A nephrologist oversees the training program, which is managed by an experienced home dialysis training nurse.

The program is designed for people who would like more independence and control over their treatment options. If you're trained to perform your dialysis at home, you'll return to the center once a month for evaluation.


Map of Mayo Clinic Dialysis Center, Jacksonville, Florida

The dialysis center is located on Mayo Clinic's West campus at 4658 Worrall Way, Jacksonville, Florida. A shuttle service from the Mayo Clinic Dialysis Center to the Davis Building is available for people who have same-day appointments at the Jacksonville campus of Mayo Clinic.