Domino liver transplant

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Mayo Clinic doctors have experience performing many types of liver transplant surgery, including domino liver transplant. In a domino liver transplant, you receive a liver from a donor who has familial amyloidosis. Each year Mayo Clinic doctors see 1,600 people with amyloidosis.

The donor will receive a liver transplant to treat his or her condition. The donor can then give his or her liver to you in a domino liver transplant, because the liver still functions well. You may develop symptoms of amyloidosis, but it usually takes decades to develop. Doctors select recipients 60 years old or older, who doctors don't expect will develop symptoms before the end of their natural life expectancy. After your transplant, doctors will monitor you for signs of the condition.

Doctors will evaluate you to determine if you may be a candidate for a domino liver transplant or if another procedure would be more appropriate for your condition. Doctors usually will consider people for domino liver transplant who are 60 years old or older or who require re-transplantation.

Aug. 23, 2023