Cocci Clinic Overview

The Cocci Clinic at Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona provides the Phoenix area's only multidisciplinary approach to treating Coccidioidomycosis (cocci), often referred to as valley fever. The Cocci Clinic includes physicians from many specialties, including Infectious Diseases, Pulmonary Medicine, Dermatology and Cardiothoracic Surgery. These doctors and surgeons collaborate to ensure you get the whole-body care you need.

Any patient infected with cocci can be seen at the Cocci Clinic. Referral would be appropriate for:

  • Routine follow-up in managing the disease
  • Difficulty in diagnosis when test results fail to give clear-cut answers
  • Poor response to standard treatment and medications
  • People at risk of complicated or disseminated infection
  • People who aren't able to undergo standard treatment because of some other condition, such as allergies or concerns about toxicity
  • Immune system issues, such as people undergoing transplant, chemotherapy or treatment for rheumatoid conditions.

Benefits to being seen at the Cocci Clinic include:

  • Complete care in one location
  • Coordinated and expedited multispecialty evaluation
  • Comprehensive work-up
  • Expert opinion regarding diagnosis
  • Evaluation for other infections and implementation of a treatment follow-up plan
  • Future protocols for access to new medications not otherwise available

The incidence of cocci in Arizona has increased substantially over the last several years, affecting all age groups. Hospitalizations have also increased, indicating an increase in the numbers of people with severe disease.

If you develop influenza-like symptoms shortly after moving or traveling to Arizona, talk with your doctor about being tested for cocci. The peak periods for this condition tend to be November and March.

Oct. 15, 2019