Supplier Resources

Authentication and registration

During the authentication and registration process, you'll be provided with all necessary information and documentation to help you comply with Mayo Clinic policies and procedures.

Resources for authentication and registration:

Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action

Mayo Clinic is a federal contractor obligated to take affirmative action to employ women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans. Mayo Clinic is also required to inform prospective suppliers and vendors that they, too, may have such obligations.

Quote template

To streamline processes and increase efficiencies for both Mayo Clinic and our suppliers, a new quote template was put in place Jan. 1, 2014. Going forward, all new quotes will need to be in this format.

Resources for submitting a quote to Mayo Clinic:

Third Party Risk Assessment

Some assessments also require an architecture diagram, additional information regarding subcontractors, or a software bill of materials. Please use the following links if this information has been requested: